I do…stuff


I live in a beautiful…dump. I live in a great, little, run-down place in a really funky area that I love living in. The place is one of those reeeallly old , Victorian,  lime-stone terrace-houses with delicious features like; high-ceilings, wooden floorboards, tuck-pointing,  ornate fireplaces, a parapet,  corbels, ornate ceiling roses in every room,  and… I don’t know what those indoor ledgey things are called, but they may be cornices?

The architecture is beautiful but the place is unrenovated (although the real-estate are possibly not aware of that fact, considering the exorbitant rent I’m paying) hence the cold, the outdoor toilet, the dark, and the point of my story, the pokey little kitchen which came with NO BENCH SPACE. Oh, alright, I lie.  It came with approximately 30cms x 30cms of bench space, which, amazingly, i tolerated for almost 2 years.

Anyway, the almostpoint of my story is that I went to Ikea and bought a workbench. I think it’s meant to be used out in the shed  for tools and workey hammering and drills and stuff, but I thought it would make a GREAT kitchen bench – just the right height and length. So I bought it on home and put it all together* and realised it probably needed a coat of varnish, but, being mid-semester and needing my weekends to study, and  being impatient and dreamy and thinking I can make the world work the way that  i need want it to (hence, the clothes on the line  right now – in the middle of a storm that’s going to last a week), I thought,  “I’ll keep it clean, and then, during semester break, I’ll sand back any stains and give it a coat of varnish”. Which is what i did yesterday.

Can i just tell you how difficult it is, to sand back, by hand, (couldn’t afford to buy or hire a sander) a bench-top coated in 3 months worth of flax-seed oil, coffee and assorted food preparation stains.

I got so sick of  sanding that i ended up coating it with the varnish, stains and all. I’ve  stuck it in my kitchen and now it’s all good to go… see.

post stain

* I Luuurrve putting together flat-pack furniture. I Luuuurve it and have entertained the idea of becoming one of those travelling Ikea flat-pack furniture assemblers and zipping out to households wielding a handy tool-kit and specialised Ikea flat-pack furniture knowledge – helping out incompetent householders with their flat-pack furniture assembly… except… that my own combination of incompetence and impatience and habit of bashing things together in frustration and then realising i’m dooin it rong!!! would possibbly exempt me from the strict Ikea flat-pack furniture assembler examination.


(by the way, here’s one of the you beaut ceiling rose)

ceiling rose


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