I do…stuff (2)

I’ve got assignments to do. So, what have I done today?

1. Went to breakfast with my dear friend S. Ate delicious bacon, eggs, toast, tomato and hashbrowns, along with a too hot coffee. While my feet froze in thongs ‘cause I was too lazy to put my boots on.

2. Discovered S’s brother has a penchant for Torchwood and so I might be gaining some copies. S gave me a copy of Napolean Dynamite – a real copy, as in, for some reason he had two.

3. Came home and watched Billie run rampant throughout the house – playing scatter cat in the wind.

4. Laundromat

5. Coffee from the cafe down the road – ultimately disappointing – first burnt AND too hot coffee I’ve had from that cafe. New barista. Don’t know if I’ll say anything, as the last time I said something at the OTHER cafe in my street, they continued to burn and boil. It just got embarrassing.

6. Started to do some cleaning up in preparation for the upcoming rental inspeco in a week or so.



7. Washed bins and mopped kitchen floors. Kitchen floors and walls are exceedingly sticky due to beetroot incident this week. Prepped beets with no ventilation, resulting in condensation,  resulting in streak marks running down the walls and dripping from roof onto floor. Not. Much. Fun. And, more joy, as I live in a place with high ceilings – bloody impossible to clean.  




8. ‘Mowed’ lawn. I have a handy push mower. However, as the push mower requires no sticks, no stones, no long grass and no weird crap lying about in long grass… 



9. I opted to use big scissors instead…



10. Yup, this is post ‘mowing. 


11. So, how do YOU procrastinate?


What say you?

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