Hypocrisy much?


Recently, a young woman was charged with procuring a miscarriage (her own) and her male partner charged with supplying drugs or instruments to procure an abortion.

We are talking about medical abortion here, which means that they allegedly obtained/took drugs for the purpose of aborting a fetus. As opposed to having a surgical abortion.

I saw QLD Premier Anna Bligh questioned about this, in July, on Q&A. Whilst she took a pro-choice stance, she was reluctant to talk about this particular case as it was going to be heard in court in September.  She did say that this case wasn’t  straightforward, in that it wasn’t directly about abortion, but about illegally importing drugs for, and self-administering an abortion.


Not even the most liberal legislation on this matter in the county, in my view or my understanding of any of those Acts in any other state, would provide that it would be okay for someone to administer a drug to themselves that they had brought into the country illegally. So this is a case that on the face of it sort of raises a lot of questions but it isn’t a straightforward issue about abortion.


Abortion Laws vary throughout Australia.  In Queensland, abortion is a criminal offence under the Queensland Criminal Code.  The fact that women have access to abortion is due to a defence in the criminal code, which allows abortion if the life of the woman is endangered, being widely interpreted.

Recently, the Queensland Parliament voted in favour of amendments to Queensland’s Criminal Code, to allow doctors the same legal protections for administering medical abortions that they currently have for performing surgical abortions.

The confusion regarding the issue of medical abortions  arose specifically in response to the aforementioned case, of the young couple who had recently been busted for their alleged crimes.

The Queensland government are NOT decriminalizing abortion, they are clarifying  laws to ensure that doctors, who administer medical abortions to women, are afforded the same legal protections they currently have for performing a surgical abortion.


‘282 Surgical operations and medical treatment

‘(1) A person is not criminally responsible for performing or

providing, in good faith and with reasonable care and skill, a

surgical operation on or medical treatment of—

(a) a person or an unborn child for the patient’s benefit; or

(b) a person or an unborn child to preserve the mother’s life;

if performing the operation or providing the medical treatment

is reasonable, having regard to the patient’s state at the time

and to all the circumstances of the case.


So, some knucklejob has decided that they don’t like these clarifications, that don’t decriminalize abortion. So, some knucklejob has decided that they don’t like the idea of abortion, under any circumstance. So, some knucklejob has decided that the best way to protest their beliefs is to THREATEN PREMIER ANNA BLIGH’S CHILDREN.

Stupidity and Hypocrisy much???



What say you?

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