7pm Project ile Vomit…more news, just as you know it.

Ugh, I’ve shared my thoughts previously on the vomitous ‘7pm Project’  that claims to be ‘more news but not as you know it’ but is actually a steaming pile of same old, cringeworthy drivel that you hear/see/read endlessly, at work, at home, at school and on TV.

It’s an absolutely appalling show. I assume that it’s marketed toward people who don’t watch news and who want their media fed to them in tasty, clichéd, norm-enforcing soundbites. They recycle various stories that have made headlines around the nation/world/web that day and then proceed to discuss the various complexities make tired, tedious and trite one-liners in an attempt to come off, all cutting edge and shit.

Each episode they usually have some generic beautiful person on, to co-host the show. On Thursday night they had some bloke called Tim Blackwell to provide the requisite pretty bone structure and long dark lashes. He probably wore a checkered shirt for added indi, edgy cred, I’m sure.

Mr Blackwell wanted to tell us of some celebrity news (celebrity news? what a fucking surprise!). He introduced footage showing Chris Brown doing his court-ordered community work which was the punishment for his assault on Rhianna. The initial image was Chris Brown swinging some scythe type implement through the grass followed by a montage of him doing various tasks.   The ‘complex discussion’ went something along these lines;


Douchebag Tim: “Ahh look at him here, he seems to be practicing his golf swing”.

Knucklejob Pickering: “yeah, but see we know he’s got a better swing on him than that”

(whole panel erupts into laughter)

Charlie Knucklejob Pickering: “well, one person does anyway”

Ahhh. Violence against women played for laughs; what a ‘fresh take’ on news.



2 thoughts on “7pm Project ile Vomit…more news, just as you know it.

  1. Oh dear…that’s appalling. I *hate* Charlie Pickering, have ever since he was on JJJ…that breed of ‘I’m so cutting edge because I’ll joke about bigotry as if it’s funny’ stuff that he and Wil Anderson share (though Anderson decries it when he can but I still remember his ‘Bulldogs’ joke on air after the allegations of gang rape). Grrrr.


    1. Yeah, Grrrr and Bleurgh, I know. It’s bloody infuriating coming home from work and having to see even a glimpse of this type of shite.

      Hey, I hope you’ve recovered from your Little Creatures binge, I can empathise, I’ve had a few of those…


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