Why not Byron ?

This morning I woke up early at the Backpackers Inn and went downstairs to buy a bottle of water from the drinks machine. It was only after inserting my coins and pressing every ‘water’ button that the ‘sold out’ light lit up. I pressed the refund button and it only refunded 80 cents of the $2.80 that I’d inserted. That just about sums up my trip to Byron.

It’s just been one fiasco after another. As you may recall, I lived in this town, in my early twenties on-and-off for around 10 years, I’ve been looking forward to coming back for a visit, and I finally made it, only to find that I’m horrified by the disparity between the way that I remember the place and the reality of it today.

Yesterday I paid $120 to reschedule my flight back home – I’m leaving a week early because it’s just unbearable. I feel old and grumpy. It means that I am losing the $27 a night that I pre-paid for my accommodation in the schoolie ridden Backpackers I have the extreme misfortune of having booked my self into. I also had to reschedule my shuttlebus to Brisbane, only to find that the time I needed to go was booked out, and the next one wouldn’t get me there on time for my flight –or so the dude said. So I paid another $50 for another company to take me – only to be thinking now that QLD is an hour BEHIND N.S.W and the guy on the phone organising the Brisbane-to-Byron shuttle must be an incompetent dweeb because once I get to Brisbane the time goes backward and I’d have another hour. So that’s another $65 wasted.

However, the surf is gorgeous today and it’s picked up slightly, it’s blowing lightly off-shore and there’s some nice little waves out the front. One other fantastic thing is a great little cafe called Why Not which I’ve been frequenting on a daily basis for breakfast, wireless internet and coffee. This morning I had the awesome breakfast special for $14; lightly toasted turkish bread with smoked salmon and two poached eggs on a bed of rocket with fetta cheese and a pesto type sauce (I think) on the side AND a coffee. It was absolutely delicious. I got to eat, drink and read my Google Reader and catch up on the farce that is Tony Abbott.

Fundamental foods is still around too.  I’ve bought a massive stash of muesli to take back to Perth with me. I normally roast my own ‘cause I love ultratoasty muesli and it’s either hard to find in Perth or super exxy and this is the recipe that I was trying to emulate when I started making my own so – awesome. Also found a gorgeous little Lebanese restaurant ‘Orgasmic’ that does yummy yummy falafel pockets that are just freaking awesome, they have all the diced cucumber, tomatoes, and onion salad with tahini sauce. Went to the Piggery last night to see some music and they have a tasty tasty little Brewery and luxurious red velvet booths. The gig was outside in the courtyard with a magnificent fig tree incorporated into the venue. The fig had that stillful watching omniscient aura that big tree’s do, so that was just earthly goodness. I took some bad photographs for your viewing pleasure.

The Fig at the gig





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