The rental market…


I often browse Gumtree for a laugh. It’s a dry, bitter and hollow laugh. Bwahahahaha… See the funny couple looking for a place to themselves and willing to pay just $300p/w? Or how about the couple who want to move into a share-house and are offering just $150p/w? That would mean, if they moved into mine, that they would pay $75 bucks each whilst I, for the pleasure of sharing my home with not just one but two others would be paying the $200 remaining. 

Sometimes I roll my eyes at the naivety of the posters that place these adds thinking that they’re gonna find something affordable, but mostly I just feel grim and kind of desperate.

So, I’m paying over half my wage in rent. My current lease is up soon and I’ve been browsing the rental property market to see if I can possibly live a life where I actually save money – I’ve realised that, to do that, I need a partner. Fuck. Fuck. Fuckity Fuck. The problem with that, apart from the fact that I don’t have a partner, is that, If I did, I don’t necessarily want to live with them.

The lowest possible price I might pay is about $250p/w (yes, it’s significantly lower – $100 lower in fact) but it would mean that I would have to move out into the boondocks and I’m terribly afraid that it would just mean that the next time the lease is up for renewal – the rent would simply increase until I’m paying the same as I am here.  

I’d like to offer some kind of political analysis of the rental property market but it just absolutely stumps me; rental property shortage, unmitigated landlord greed? I don’t fucking know. I’m utterly flummoxed by the fact that when I arrived in W.A I was sharing a 4 bedroom house and paying just $75p/w and just 4 years later I’m paying over half my wage in rent.

I’m curious about how other single people are managing? The market, of course, assumes that people are coupled, or professionals. Is there anybody else out there who’s finding it tough going? I’m not talking about buying a house – I know that’s a joke.  I mean, people who are working full-time, who are struggling to RENT!





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  • There’s a post up over at An Onymous Lefty critiquing the MSM’s reporting of housing prices;  they’re blaming immigration whilst OL thinks otherwise:

      The other policies listed above – cuts to capital gains tax, the first home buyers’ grant, lack of investment in public transport infrastructure – ARE NOT POSITIVE. They are about making the wealthy wealthier and screwing over the disadvantaged. Even IF skilled migration had an impact on property prices, it’s not the place we should be directing governments to change policy.



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