Herbivorous men


I saw this news segment on The 7.30 Report the other night. There is also a transcript here.

I found it utterly ludicrous. It’s a story about Japanese men being more interested in grooming than being in relationships, having children and getting married. The subtext, of course is that this is wrong, ‘unmanly’ behavior and that they should be… I dunno, interested in women and relationships, marriage, fucking and children – for the good of the country.




From the transcript:

TRACY BOWDEN, PRESENTER: They’re known in Japan as "grasseaters" and as the name suggests, this emerging generation of young men are shunning traditional notions of masculinity in favour of more gentle pursuits such as shopping, eating sweets and personal grooming.


Because MANLY MEN eat Meeeeeeaaat.


MEGUMI USHIKUBO, AUTHOR AND SOCIAL RESEARCHER (TRANSLATED): These men are mainly in their 20s. They have no aspirations for love or material wealth or professional promotion. They like spoiling themselves with things like men’s cosmetics. They’re not interested in sex at all.


Because MANLY MEN like fuck.


MARK WILLACY: For decades this shrine has been a beacon for Japanese women seeking love, but with the rise of the so-called herbivorous man, more and more young women are finding their prayers are going unanswered.


Because MANLY MEN fuck women


Seriously, I was watching this just totally gobsmacked. If these men are rebelling against the types of lives their fathers led -  lives of “corporate drudgery” – then fucking great.


KOHEI TAKIZAWA, (translated): The falling birth rate is a problem for Japan. I know I should help tackle the issue, but when I think about it, I’m not positive about getting married and having children.

If people don’t want to parent and aren’t interested in sex, get the fuck over it. If we are so worried about aging populations and the decline in birthrates- the unborn needed to be born  to prop up the aging population – perhaps we need to look at the way economic systems are dependant on constant fucking growth and expansion – bigger, better, faster, more, NOW. If you’re not positive about getting married and having children THIS IS A GOOD THING TO KNOW!


What say you?

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