Strangeland’s Pudding. My Pizza.


Ok,  So I succumbed. It’s colder this evening and I had to celebrate the first day of Winter. I’m making In a Strange Land’s Pudding which I promised myself here.

I’m a TERRIBLE cake maker. I can cook, I can bake breads,  but cookies and sweet things? I am the master of disaster. So we’ll see how I go.

But first, this was my dinner.

Zuchinni, fetta, tonnes’agarlic and tomato pizza.

Zuchinni tomato and fetta pizza not yet cooked cooked pizza

I’ve never baked a cake that wasn’t from a packet before. This is going to be my first ever cake. I did a couple of things wrong and I don’t have all the correct measuring equipment so I winged it a bit. It’s in the oven now and I don’t know if it’s right but we’ll see in another 20 minutes eh?

The Ingredients                                        The recipe book.

The ingredients The recipe book

equipment & measuring                 Surrogate Sifter

the equipment and the measuring stuffsurrogate sifter

I didn’t have the right measuring cups and then I accidentally put a 1/4 cup of cocoa in the mix instead of 2 tablespoons. It’s Ok though. I almost put 1/2 a cup but I noticed just in time. I don’t have a sifter, so I used this milk frothing doobie that someone gave me instead. Needless to say, it was a flurry of floured failure.

 Melting                                                    Mixing

Melting mixing

Oh dear, my camera battery has run out. It is baked and looks lovely. I am letting it sit, as instructed and hopefully the battery will charge enough to take a photo of the eating…

Baking.                                                     The Eating.

The baking with my slice cut out my slice

I’m pretty fucking impressed and kinda proud. Wee heee. I baked a cake! It’s not too bad, actually. I forgot to get cream or icecream but the choccy sauce is delicious. yummm, I’m off to eat now!

Cake Yum






5 thoughts on “Strangeland’s Pudding. My Pizza.

  1. I’m thrilled that the recipe worked for you. And I got a special little thrill from seeing a piccie of my blog on your computer on your blog.

    Regarding sifters… stirring it well with a fork will do the trick. Studies have shown (somewhere – I read it in a newspaper once, so it must be true) that sifting doesn’t mix the powders very well. You really need to stir them to get them mixed through each other. If you do it with a fork, you should break up any lumpy bits as you go.

    Looking at your pictures, and how good the pudding looks, makes me want some. Right now.

    Also, it’s a very forgiving recipe. I have at times mixed up the different measures of cocoa and sugar, and it still turns out okay.


  2. Thanks Deborah,

    I can imagine that it was a little bizarre seeing a picture of your blog on my computer on my blog. That’s confusing – did that come out right?

    Anyway, going for seconds now, yum!


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