Simple Solutions to so-called Prickly Problems

Is this for real? I saw an ad for freaking Dove ‘minimise-the-prickly-feeling-between-shaves’  deodorant on T.V last night and I was like, what the fuck? What the fuckitty fuck?

So shaving under the old arms gets invented, and then they invent a product to minimise the irritation caused by shaving under the arms.  Ummmmm.  OhKaaay.

Simple spidery solutions

I Haz much simpler solution*

*I have no problems with people de-hairing their bodies.  I  de-hair bits and pieces of my own body  sometimes too.  I simply loathe the devious  invention of new things to make you feel shit about yourself, in order to sell more stuff.


What say you?

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