I have this thing for lemon and yoghurt muffins…

I don’t know what it is. A week or so ago, I got a very intense craving for lemon and yoghurt muffins*. I was watching TV with NQMB and I couldn’t stop thinking about them. I got on the net and looked up recipes and was telling NQMB that when I finished the semester I would get baking. The next day I went to a cafe for a morning coffee, and sitting on the counter, still warm in the tray they’d been baked in, was a batch of lemon and yoghurt muffins! I couldn’t believe it. I ordered my coffee and moved to the waiting area. I was kind of hovering and hesitating about the muffins; I’d already bought,  and eaten, a delicious sausage and egg toastie and I couldn’t justify buying breakie, coffee and a muffin all in one day. Then I was like,  “c’mon Billiemae, just last night you were talking about those muffins – you have to have one, what if you manifested these muffins and not buying one means that you’ll never manifest** anything again”. I went back to the counter and bought one and the young barista said to me “They were calling you were they”? I said “No, I called them” and told him how I’d been talking about lemon and yoghurt muffins to a friend the night before. He was so stunned, it was so funny – his mouth opened up in surprise and he was like “really, that’s so weird” and I started acting all psychic and shit. Anyway, it was one of the BEST things I’ve ever eaten in my entire life. It was indescribably good and I still can’t stop thinking about it. Anyway, I can’t hope to in any way emulate the best muffins in the world but I’m sure going to try, and, I’m going to blog it for you – remember though, I’m a really crap and inexperienced baker.

Ok, so I don’t have scales and electric beaters and sifters and skewers and all that kind of fancy schmancy baking stuff. Seriously do people actually own those things? Don’t you people ever move? Don’t you people have a deadly fear of accumulating  kitchenware? What if you have to move out of your home? Do you know how much work you’ll have to do? Do you know how much wrapping and packing then unpacking and unwrapping you’ll have to do – you with your accumulated kitchenware. Sheesh people, take the lazy way to bake.  What I do have however is google who will be doing the converting of grams into cups (cups I have),  spoons, forks and butter knives…

Here are the ingredients:

Lemon and yoghurt muffins ingredients

  • 1oogm Butter,
  • 1 lemon,
  • 150gm caster sugar,
  • 2 eggs,
  • 160gm yoghurt,
  • 175gm self – raising flour.

The recipe called for an electric beater to beat 100gm of the butter and 100gm of the sugar. I of course, do not have an electric beater and so I used a spoon.

Butter and sugar Lemon and yoghurt muffins 006

Then you need to add 2 eggs and stir stir.

Plus eggs

Then add the entire rind of a lemon and all of the yoghurt.

Lemon and yoghurt Lemon and yoghurt muffins 012

Stir that yoghurt in and then you need to add all of the flour a little at a time.

Lemon and yoghurt muffins 014 Lemon and yoghurt muffins 015

And THEN, wallah! Oh. I realised at the last minute that the recipe was actually for cake, not for muffins – so I poured it into a cake tin. I don’t know if it makes a difference whether you use a muffin or a cake tin but the batter tasted soooooo good that I didn’t want to risk pouring it into muffin tins and potentially ruining all my good work.

Lemon and yoghurt muffins 018 Cooked cake

There’s also this sauce too, it’s two tablespoons of lemon juice plus the last 50grams of sugar. In a small saucepan and over a low heat stir the sugar and lemon juice until the sugar dissolves. Leave it to boil and then simmer for 2-3mins until the sauce thickens.

Lemon and sugar Cake and sauce

Then EAT IT. I did and it was really, really yummy.


*It may not have been muffins. It was more likely cake. It was cake.

**I don’t actually believe that people manifest things. I don’t know why I thought I may have manifested them. I may have been bamboozled that those muffins were sitting on the bench the day after I’d been talking about them. I have also wondered that there may be the possibility that lemon and yoghurt muffins had been there on previous occasions and I hadn’t consciously noticed them  the lemon and yoghurt muffins  may have taken over my unconscious mind, with their deliciousness.



What say you?

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