Verge Collection 2010


Holy crap, it’s been a year? This year I’ll be ditching this fucking awful piece of shit that a mate fobbed off on me.

The monstrosity of a television that is fuzzy and so old a DVD player doesn't seem to be able to connect to it.


And it’s not because it’s ‘fuzzy’ although it absolutely fucking is, and it’s not because I had to dismantle the rental property’s shelving to install it, and it’s not because the DVD player sitting on top of it can’t be connected even though I bought, and tried, every possible combination of Dick Smith cords. It’s because the idea of having to move and take this monstrosity with me, is terrifying.

An environmentally friendly friend of mine was all like “Hey, BillieMae, I have this TV that you might like, I’ll bring it over for you – it has a remote and everything” and I was like “Awesome dude, bring it on”, ‘cause I had a teeny weeny second hand TV that didn’t  have a remote and was so old that the cord was frayed and hanging out everywhere and shit. So he brings over this TV and it was IMPOSSIBLE for just one person to carry which is always a sign of an inappropriate piece of furniture. I had to actually rearrange the entire lounge room just to accommodate the fucker. Anyway, this week is the verge collection and out she is going and I will be looking for something more appropriate, and if I don’t find anything? Well it’s summer and I will deal. 


What say you?

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