To and Fro

 As predicted, I’m swinging back ‘n forth on the old ‘should I stay or should I go’  dilemma. This week it’s all about the money. I seriously have less than $30 to last me two weeeks. I’ve  done the dry goods shop but I haven’t yet bought fruit and veg,  or petrol.  I did go and see a movie though, and I bought some beer. It feels though, that if you are working full-time, you should be able to do both; do your fortnightly shopping AND go and see a movie. That’s not to say that people on the dole or pension shouldn’t be able to do both either, they should.  It just always spins me out that you can work full -time, have no kids, no loans, no house repayments and still not be able to buy F+V.

Oh… I did also buy myself a new pair of jeans. They were on sale for $30 and I was stoked to find them as I’ve been wearing jeans that are to small for me for a few months now. My underpants leave marks on my skin and I’ve not been wearing a bra to work because my 2 bras are too small and the pain a too small bra causes is… excruciating.  When I do think of moving in with NQMB and the $210 I will be saving PER WEEK, I think  food, underpants, bras, decent clothes for work, increased internet connection and SAVINGS.


Then again…. I did talk to NQMB about making  room for me. The unit is small and he’s a massive hoarder. He replied that he needs to do a plan, get rid of stuff and measure my stuff  to see where everything is going to fit. He’s going to be overseas around the time that I am moving in (if I do) so I’m worried that he’ll l leave without moving his crap and it’ll be left up to me to deal with it. I don’t want to decide to move in, get there and have all his stuff in the bedroom. He has the power to just leave it there and there’s not much I can do about it if he does. Of course, if he did do that I would have to move out and obviously I will have just given up my place. So,  that brings us full circle eh?




What say you?

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