Clink Clink

Last week I dreamt I moved in with NQMB. The space I moved into wasn’t the unit he lives in now, it was the ground floor of a two-storey house; it looked like a basement converted into a living area. The floor was concrete and the living area was cramped. I was ok with the concrete floors, not too happy about the cramp, but enjoying organising shit.

The space we were sharing had an open plan layout. All of a sudden I realized there was an unused section of the house, NQMB knew it was there but hadn’t utilized it; a kind of narrower than the rest of the house hallway, that could perfectly fit my lovely, bright red couch and my little 40s style bookshelf. I was thrilled to find this space. The additional space it created changed everything from a ‘make-do’ to a ‘fuck-yeah’ and solved all my angst about being cramped.

The kicker though, was that at the end of this secret hallway, was a massive window, through which, light was pouring. It wasn’t god light, holy light or heavenly light, it was just everyday light light churning through. I looked at it and felt relief and I woke up feeling very soothed. That image of the light has really stuck with me this week. I find it beautiful somehow and I’ve been using it, when anxious, to make myself peaceful.


What say you?

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