I am laughing uproariously at exceptional jokes about fat people.


Oh Fuck Deveny, you know what would be really funny? If you took some photos of fat people and sent them out in a motivational email to my workplace so everyone could ROTFL at the fucking fat people who just won’t stop fucking eating ANYTHING and EVERYTHING.


I was pretty fucking gobsmacked reading Catherine Deveny’s tweet today. I know I shouldn’t be gobsmacked; one thing I’ve learned from following Fat Activist blogs and Twitterers is that fat hatred spews from almost everyone, even those who argue on behalf of marginalised people elsewhere.


I fired off a response;


And, I don’t know if the following tweet was specifically directed toward the plethora of tweets that were calling out Deveny but it appeared in my timeline about an hour later and I assumed that it was directed at the tweeters who were asking ‘what the fuck’ Deveny?


Daniel Burt

and I just. I don’t even know where to begin. I don’t know if Deveny identifies as fat and was telling a fat joke in some kind of ironic reappropriation of fat jokes. I don’t know if Trubnad’s tweet had anything to do with the responses to Deveny*. I just thought, how the fuck can you argue that ‘jokes’ like that are lifting a culture out of mediocrity. Are racist jokes, sexist jokes, homophobic jokes lifting our culture from mediocrity or merely perpetuating mediocrity?

The stereotypes that Deveny played upon with her joke were just boring and pathetic. Ha Ha Ha fat people will eat anything. Ha Ha Ha  fat people have no scruples. Ha Ha  Ha those fat people eat ALL THE TIME. Ha Ha Ha Fat people can’t stop eating and will eat everything and clearly can’t be trusted to discern what Deveny considers quality food . Ha Ha Ha those PIGS will eat ANYTHING.  Ha Ha Ha Fat people aren’t worth listening to *snort*  hilarious. Ha Ha Ha we can make jokes about fat people ‘cause Ha Ha HA fat is funny. 

I work in an office with a plethora of young women who don’t go a day without commenting on their weight, their diet, or their exercise regime. I work in an office where ‘gay’ and ‘retard’ are used blithely as pejoratives and where the one Asian Australian guy has to continually laugh at continual comments about his ‘Asianness’. How exceptional is that? Fatphobia, racism, sexism, homophobia are NORMAL for me. Normal. It is everyday life. IT IS MEDIOCRE.

I come home to Google Reader and Twitter for exceptionality not for mediocre norm enforcement perpetuated through stupid fucking  ‘jokes’.




*I only think it because they often retweet one another or refer to one another and his tweet appeared a little while after hers.

P.S The Twitter Blackbird Pie Plugin for Windows Live Writer is rooted for me – does anyone know how to fix it?


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