Freo Street Art

I don’t know, I should probably start a Tumblr or something but I HATE Tumblr, I can never understand where the art or words originate.

Anyway, this is some of the street art stencils and wheat pastes I’ve seen around lately, plus the newly decorated underpass. I assume the underpass was commissioned by the council though, otherwise we have a very rich street artist in our midst.

Hover over photos for descriptions of images.

The Underpass - Picture on a wall of the profile of two pelicans, the background is a swirl of colour - blue, white, pink, mustard and red.

A close up picture of a painting of the profile of two white pelicans. Their eyes are looking at the audience - The background is a swirl of colour that's meant to be water it is blue, white red, mustard and pink

Black Stencil on a wall of a cartoonish character - it is a round circle for the face, crosses for eyes and crooked teeth with gaps. The character is wearing a black hat

Stencil of two sneakers walking along, with no-one wearing them - The stencil has been painted in a cream coloured space in the brightly painted underpass

A picture of a troll's face staring straight at the audience - Troll is brown and has darker brown fur, a gold ring through its nose and White lower fangs protruding from it's bottom lip - the troll has white downward pointing horns , a green crown of leaves and is holding a light

Not sure what this is A brown tree with a mouth that is vomiting up a range of teardrop, paisley type patterns of red, pink, orange and blue

Looking through the tunnel from one end to another - you can see the bright paintings at the closer end whilst the light and distance obscures the other end

Street Art - A wheat paste of a dog, maybe a chiauhuahua (Have no idea how to spell it) stuck onto a bin in Adelaide Street Fremantle


2 thoughts on “Freo Street Art

    1. It’s a beautiful place, always lots to do, I never seem to get out and do enough but I like spotting and documenting some of the quirkier bits and pieces that I see around town. I’m tempted to contribute some of my own!

      I’m from the East Coast originally and I do miss the beaches a lot!


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