I’m Just Joking Mrs Mae

I received a phone call yesterday asking if I was Mrs Mae. I usually, automatically say no when someone asks me if I’m a Mrs. The presumption that I’m a Mrs irks me, and the only strangers calling since I listed my self on the ‘Do Not Call’ register, are charities, so it’s a good way of getting rid of the caller without being brutal. Something about this call though, intrigued me.

Woman on Phone: “Good afternoon, is that Mrs Mae?”

Me: “Aaaaaaaaaaaaah, Yes?”

Woman on Phone: “Oh, Good Afternoon Mrs Mae, I’m a technician from Microsoft Windows calling to inform you that we have noticed many viruses on your computer and the viruses are seriously slowing down your computer. We would like to perform a scan.

Me: Oh! Really? That’s strange… I don’t have a computer.

Woman on Phone: Yes, What? Thankyou very much Mrs Mae we are only joking.

Woman on Phone: Hangs up.

Me: Ha Ha.

Obviously, It’s a scam that works. 


What say you?

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