I am (not) very far

Ye gads me hearties, I’ve handed in my final essay for semester 1 and I now have 5 weekends, yes, you heard it right, 5 weekends to prepare for my exam. I know, I’m gobsmacked too. I normally have a couple of days to prepare, if I’m lucky so 5 weekends is so utterly fucking decadent, I’m beside myself.

Make that 4. Oh, yeah. I have a rental inspecco next week, so I’m dedicating this weekend to preening myself (ye gads, the hair!) and cleaning house (Ye gads, the grime).

Next week the new Okkervil River album I am Very Far comes out so I will hopefully be spending Tuesday night careening about my house in Okkervil ecstasy.

The next 4 weekends will be dedicated to STUDY and then I will be on hols, as in, hols from uni not from work and I have many plans!

They be;

  • I really want to do some street art; it’s always been something I’ve admired and I figure I should give it a burl. I thought I’d start with a stencil, although if that’s too hard (drawing expertise wise) I might do a wheat paste.  I like the ephemerality of wheat pastes more but I wanna do big and can’t quite work out how that works. Whatever, it’s a project I be learning and I’ll let you know how it goes.
  • Connecting DVD player (not that I ever use it, hello! Laptop) to television and eek, set top box to television. Crap, it frightens me.
  • Buying a Playstation (connecting it to T.V 😦 ) and booting balls if ahhh, the online sectors of Playstation ever get around to getting back up.
  • Reading: Finally, I might get around to starting Snowcrash and these and this which I’ve ordered but haven’t yet received and first heard about here (buuuuuugs) but there doesn’t seem to be a permalink direclty to Jeff’s review of God’s War.
  • I should really get a head start on some of the workload for next semester. I’ve been thinking about getting a housemate in (actually I’ve been advertising but no such luck thus far) which may well enable me to go back to studying full-time and it’d be good to be prepared for that. I’m not holding myself to that though, I know I need a break.
  • Aaaaand finally but most importantly, I really need to look for a new job. This one has me at a loss though, I mean, I feel completely socially inadequate job-wise, don’t know what I’d like to do let alone what I’m cut out to do. I just know that this place has me depressed and anxious as all fuck and where I feel morally compromised working (the justice system, it be not for those of the left). I don’t wanna work in a factory and I don’t wanna do hospitality; they’re excruciatingly dull and unstable but I look at (lower level) govvie jobs and I just… people who can robotically emulate a cog in the machine, or at least that’s what it’s like at the N.E.A. – common sense rules.

Well, that took a depressing turn. Also, thinking of doing Roller Derby – what think ye?


What say you?

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