Close but not too close

I spotted these two stencils out the back of Ezra Pound’s on Friday night, unfortunately they’re pretty shitty photos taken on my Ipod as I don’t take my little point and shoot around with me, although I should. I’d love to get a ‘proper’ camera – but don’t think I can justify the expense.


A black and white stencil sprayed on a red brick wall. Image is of a woman leaning up to kiss an astronaut in a spacesuit.

I was a bit shocked when I saw this one. It reminds me of a tattoo on a young man’s arm that I was crushing on (I was crushing on the young man not just his arm or tattoo although the tattoo did add to the deliciousness of the young man). I only saw the tattoo briefly though and had thought that it was a deep sea diver (which it well may be), maybe a tattoo of a Banksy image. Either way, the images make me think ‘close, but not too close’.


A black and white stencil of a floating astronaut

I don’t know if these stencils are the artists own creation or if they ‘copy’ other street artist’s stencils and spray them. I’d prefer it if they were original designs, however, either way, I find them beautiful.



What say you?

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