I’ve had a pair of doc boots for 4-5 years that I’ve worn pretty much non-stop the whole time. They developed a hole in the sole this year and I’ve been walking around with puddle-soaked feet all Winter.

A black Dr Marten zip-up boot lying on its side with a hole in its sole

I wanted to get another exact same pair but whilst I was browsing the net I found these. Who could resist??!!

A pair of lace up Dr Marten boots. One boot is folded over revealing pink and grey chequed material lining

I’ve always had a bit of a penchant for chunky boots but never owned a pair before and I impulsively splurged. I like that you can wear them folded over revealing their inner lining. There’s a proper way to do it but I haven’t figured it out yet. I was worried that they’d be too chunky and they are very chunky. They’re also time-consuming with the whole lacing up aspect. I’ll probably buy another pair of exact same zip boots for work and times when I need to zip and run – maybe red ones!

These are another pair of docs I bought when I bought the now-defunct zip up boots. I’ve had these for 4-5 years and they’re lovely but I’m not a high heeled kinda woman so I’ve only worn them twice.

Pair of Dr Marten high-heels

Also, more frivolity and fun, I really like necklaces. Love ‘em. I don’t own many but I now have two more. These also arrived today and their beautiful packaging made them a delight to open.

two small cardboard box packages with green bow trimming.

They came wrapped in speckled tissue paper with little origami cranes and a ticket for a wish. aaaaaw.

Two necklaces (a deer and a cassette tape) displayed on speckled tissue paper with origami cranes and boxes in the background.

I really, really like music and dancing so the cassette tape was an obvious choice.

A necklace. A small cassette tape next to an origami crane

And the deer? Well, who don’t like deer?

Pendant of a deer with a bird on its back


What say you?

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