I guess this is goodbye, for awhile.

The honeymoon is over baby. Yeah, it’s that time again. Uni starts tomorrow. Fuck, that went quick, didn’t it? You might remember that I had all these plans! I thought I’d give you a little update of how much of those I actually got around to.

The street art project – I made a stencil and I bought the paint but haven’t yet got around to actually stenciling it anywhere – I will though but maybe not till the next break.

I connected the DVD player and the set-top box which was far less challenging than I thought it would be. It was all about the cords and the cables – I’d been attempting to do it with the wrong cables and when I realised, I was fine.

Didn’t get a playstation

Booooks. I read ONE book – Snowcrash and that’s it. I am terrible. I have about 40 books to read and I only read one.

I didn’t get a head-start on studying for this semester.

I didn’t get a new housemate

I did apply for a job and got an ‘interview’. It was a job for the same level that I’m working at now but somewhere that I thought might be a better head-space for me than the NEA. The ‘interview’ was for a position in a pool and was a group interview – but I have a post to write about that, so I’ll let you know how that went.


What say you?

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