2013:Pick ‘n Mix, or, I don’t do resolutions.

‘cause does anyone ever stick to those?

What I am doing however, is a bucket list, from which I can pick higgledy piggledy;

Things I would like to achieve 2013.

This should be my last year of uni. I’m doing two units first semester and one unit second semester. It’s been a long, slow, difficult slog but fuck, I will graduate at the end of this year. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Waaaaaaaaaahooooo! A couple of my professors have said that I should think about doing honours when I finish my degree. Do you know how much I would love that? A lot. Do you know what I would not love? Another fucking few years of working full-time and studying part-time.

I’ve organised a surf trip early in the new year with an old surf buddy. My mate and I used to live together in a little surf town on the East coast. Years later we went on a surf trip to Mexico together. I moved to the West Coast yeeeeears ago, haven’t surfed at all and have only seen that friend twice. I’ve just booked tickets to go see her, and go surfing!

Get the fuck away from the N.E.A: Look for, find, apply for and land, another job. One that I enjoy, with people whom I respect and who respect me.

submit some poetry for publication.

write more

make some friends

I should get 6 weeks off midyear and I would like to travel to Amman, Jordon to study Arabic. Although….. Ramadan begins in July so maybe I’ll wait till the end of the year. Thoughts? anyone, anyone? Winter, Summer, Ramadan or not?

Go to Spain, Portugal and Morocco; something I’ve dreamed of my whole life.

I would like to go to an island in Vietnam that my friend went to and said was amazing Phu Quoc.


Tend my garden. Tend my heart.

and, of course, get over that man.


What say you?

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