the curtains of that circus in your heart

photo 1

How do you stay open to life? What things do you do to ensure you remain open to adventure and change? 

How do you keep from stagnating in suburbia?  

I work full-time (at a sucky job) and I study part-time (which I love) and sometimes I get completely bogged down in routine. I have to work, I have to study, I have to clean, I have to cook, I have to shop, I have to commute, I have to do my washing and bla bla bla bla bla. There’s aspects of routine I enjoy; I’m an introvert so I love, and need, LOTS of alone time. I love the way stability and routine allow me to absorb, enact and reflect upon insights. routine enables me to live my philosophy. 

and I have a fucking beeeautiful life. I get to travel and go places and meet people. I get to partake in Arts festivals and Fringe festivals. I see great movies, music and street art. I visit galleries. I surf, I swim, I run and ride my bike.  I eat like a mother fucking champion; I breakfast in cafes, I can afford to buy good cheeses and drink wanky boutique beer. I love to study; I love reading long-form essays, blog-posts, and even tweets that deepen my thinking on topics that interest me. I love complexity and ambivalence. Yeah, I pay too much rent and have to work too much to earn that. I don’t own anything but a $900 car and a laptop. But honestly, I’m really not doing too badly. I have savings. Life is good. 

It’s only when I get away, see a new play, or a gig that blows me away or I see something special, something new, something that rips open the monotony, reminds me that there’re other ways to be, opens me up to life in some different way that I think, huh? was I stagnating?  

I went to Victoria for the weekend and hung out with an old mate I used to love with many years ago. We drove past an old decrepit 7 bedroom mansion we were contemplating/daydreaming about buying. I would open a  little wine bar underneath the house, sell fish tacos from a caravan on the beach in the Summer and, I dunno, maybe do Shiatsu. I think her and her partner were slightly more serious than I (it would involve a cross-country move to colder climes for me plus I fucking loathe hospitality) they live a little more non-traditionally, and more bravely, than I, but it piqued my imagination, jumpstarted the romantic carnivalesque performance artist in my heart, and reminded me there are myriad ways of doing life. 

but I’m curious, what do others engage in that pulls open the curtains of the circus in their heart?

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What say you?

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