Spontaneous post-work pints of a Friday night do not do wonders for Saturday morning study.

In other news, I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me, when I found this slippery sucker slithering up my glass, that there might just be a slow moving invasion occurring in my garden. Ye gads.

snail crawling up a glass of ginger beer

We had a torrential downpour here last week and the ceiling of my ridiculously expensive run-down little rental property (she of the outdoor toilet, dodgy plumbing and leaky roof) started to leak all over the floor. I notified the real-estate, not expecting much, but was presently surprised when a burly, bearded tradesmen rocked up at my door.

“Billie-Mae, Billie-Mae, Billie-Mae” he shook his head at me “The ceiling’s about to go love” he said in a thick New Zealand accent as he emerged, covered in filth, from the man hole. “and there’s exposed wiring all over the place”.

“Ha Ha HA Harley” I replied, “as long as they don’t put the rent up, mate”.

Took my about to be ‘new’ car for a spin this morning. She’ll be mine once the owner has his car fixed. One more week of tumbling out of bed and bolting for the bus. Soon I’ll be tumbling out of bed and rolling into my car!

I won an academic prize! I get to go to an awards ceremony (worst. nightmare. ever.) I get a certificate (I think) and $500. I have to write a letter to thank the donor, any tips?


What say you?

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