Good Evening Freo, it’s been awhile.

All I wanted to do on Friday morning was get back into bed and read all day. By Friday arvo though, I was stinging for a beer and laksa. I knew exactly where to go. I used to come into Freo on a fairly regular basis of a Friday afternoon, grab a beer and some food before I headed home, but I haven’t done it for awhile. I have no housemates at the moment so I’m freaking poor, and when I’m poor, I cut out fun and food, in order that I can still save.

I headed into Freo when I got off the train, and the light was starkly shining out through an overcast grey, and lighting up some artwork I hadn’t seen before.

pirate Freo

I live about a 5 minute drive from the centre of Fremantle, but because I live in quite a funky little area myself, I rarely choose to go into the centre of town. I skirt about the peripheries; to the supermarket and the train station and the port, a few little fave cafes on the outskirts, but I think of the centre of town as being for tourists, so I tend not to head in there too much. Which is a shame ‘cause the upmarkets do a killer seafood laksa.


I eventually got home and hopped into bed to read. What am I reading you ask? David Eggers’ The Circle of course, which I’m very much enjoying. When I first began it, I was a little dubious that it would be too Dan Brownish for my taste, that is, formulaic and ridden with conspiracy theories – but I like it. It’s easy-reading and it’s fun, whilst touching on pertinent themes like privacy, surveillance and performativity. It explores the ease with which we might/have come to  accept increasing intrusions by corporations, the creep of capitalism, along with the inevitability of compulsory and ubiquitous connectivity. It’s absorbing, and a bit of a piss-take on FB and Twitter etc.

Anyway, is anyone out there reading it? Would love to hear your thoughts…

The Circle


What say you?

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