My 500 Words

I’ve just made the commitment to write 500 unedited words per day, for the month of January. 

An email popped up in my inbox this morning from Goins, Writer, and I thought, ‘Yes, that’s a great idea!’

The deal is, you write 500 words a day for the 31 days of January; without editing, and that’s it – simple!

There’s another link here, with a list of blogs of people who’re also participating, and then also a list of steps you can take to make sure you get your shit together and actually write.

The first step was to commit publicly somehow, so hey!

Oh, and I won’t be posting my 500 unedited words, they’ll just be hanging out, privately, in a word doc.

sorry about all the exclamation marks.


Anyway, why don’t you join in, we could maybe chat about it a bit? I’d love to meet some of you.

I’ve already lost a day to it due to timezones so I’d best get to it, but do feel free to pop in. 


2 thoughts on “My 500 Words

  1. Good luck with your 500 words! I’m doing it too and quite nervous about what I’m actually going to write about. I was going to do mine privately but I’ve decided instead to do them publicly on a new blog, which I’m hoping will give me more motivation and the pressure to write them..
    Hope yours go well, are you writing about anything in particular?


    1. I have no clue what I’m going to be writing about – I think it’ll just be a push to actually write, form a habit kind of thing, I’m hoping. I did really like what he said about the 500 words adding up over time to something bigger (like he was saying that by the end of the month he’ll have his novel written) but I feel like if you do that you have to have some kind of plan, and I don’t have a plan, so…

      You’re very brave doing it publicly. Are you going to write free-style unedited and then edit before you publish, or are you just gonna go blaaaah, totally raw?


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