So Fringe, So So Good.

Perth Fringe Festival is on again.  I love it so much. I’m a bit cash-strapped at the moment, so somewhat limited in what I can do and see. I have about 40 shows in my ‘wishlist,’ but don’t know how many of those I’ll get to.

I enjoy festivals a lot – they make me so happy.  A whole city coming alive and celebrating art, it’s just incredible. I’ve been to a couple of one-on-one interactive performances over the last couple of years and I enjoy them so much because they’re all about play, and play in the sense that it opens up your heart to magic. It really is incredible, and if you ever get the chance to see Oraculos or take part in The Proximity Festival, I urge you to do it.

This evening after work, I popped over to the Cultural Centre to explore.

This is a shot from The Urban Orchard. The Urban Orchard is a beautiful little oasis next door to the Perth train station. Normally, it’s home to a city garden; a community space dedicated to growing herbs and veggies. In Summer, a pop-up bar is constructed, and during the Fringe Festival it houses the Spiegeltent, a couple of bars, and a few little eateries.  This year it’s decked out with retro furniture; formica tables, chairs, coffee tables, and other currently-cool furnishings. It’s a lovely space to wilt in the heat.

A picture of bright blue sky, tree in background, in the foreground is a wire strung with briightly coloured baskets

I decided I’d see a couple of the freebies on offer, so went to The Library of Nearly Lost Moments in the State Library. They had an assortment of items that had, I assume, been part of the library collection over the years. There were these eerie, framed negatives of olden-days little girls in long socks and dresses, a gigantic globe, animal skulls floating in preservation juice, stacks of suitcases, telescopes, and a plethora of other oddities.

My favourite thing were these wooden library catalogue drawers; each drawer had been labelled, and you could open the drawers and look inside.

A set of wooden, library catalogue drawers. Each drawer is labeled

Of course I had to look in every drawer!

An open drawer with an assortment of colourful origami paper cranes

I’ve been anticipating these guys for a year! I love them, I would love to be one, The Fringe World Mermaids absolutely adorable.

mermaid 4


What say you?

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