Street Art: Silver Sprayed Balaclava

I just got back from my surfing/camping trip to Victoria. On my way home I had a few hours to kill in Melbourne, so I wandered around the streets surrounding Flinders Street Station.

A balaclava, sprayed with silver spray-paint and attached to a laneway wall

This made me laugh. I don’t know its meaning, but it reminded me of the friend I’d just spent the week surfing with. 20 years ago, we were living in a little old run-down house in Byron Bay together – absolutely mad surfers. She was always more cautious (sensible) about the sun than I, and had a strange woman we lived with sew her up a lycra balaclava she could wear in the surf. Fantastic, and if anyone knows where I can get a lycra balaclava from – hit me up. These days, I too, am much more cautious in the sun. 


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