So, my friend and I (the one I went surfing/camping with last week) have a very vague plan to charter a boat somewhere in the world and go surfing in 2015. We’d go with one of her boyfriends and a ’emotionally distant doctor’ and potentially a few others we’d be comfortable spending 12 days on a boat with.

I was talking about having to get fit enough to do it, and my friend reckons that as long as we’re able to swim a kilometer without stopping we’ll be fine, and that we’ll just need to start training two months beforehand. Well, I know I can swim a slow kilometer without stopping just fine. I’m more interested in being able to surf for more than an hour without  my arms crumbling as I use them to lift my entire body weight to get to my feet in one fell swoop, and then use them to paddle back out to get another wave.

Ever since she mentioned ‘training’ everything I do is ‘training’. Need to clean the house? That’s good training. Need to do the gardening? That’s training. Need to do the shopping? That’s good training. Otherwise, I’d mooch around on the internet all day, procrastinating, right?

Anyway, apart from everyday life being included as ‘training’ – I’m trying to get myself ‘boat-charter ready’. I’ve started the 10k runner app, I’m going to try to do swimming when my local pool re-opens after its renovations, I’m going to get my bike fixed so I can ride to the traino in the morning, and I’m going to try to get as much surfing in as possible (hopefully including weekend trips down South).


What say you?

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