Whale of a birthday

So you all know I’m obsessed with ships, right? No? Well, you would if you followed me on twitter, but that’s another story. It’s not exactly ships I’m obsessed with, more the local port that I go past on the train everyday. I smash my iPhone up to the window and merrily click away. Anyway, I’ve thought for a while how great it would be to have a proper camera, and maybe learn to drive a boat, and go out into the port and take photos of the shiply comings and goings.

Phase one of that plan is now complete. I saved up and bought myself a birthday gift. After trying to set it up for hours and finally figuring out how to put a goddamn lens on properly, I took it down to the local beach for a spin.

A whale with its nose rearing out of the water

I’d been intending to go for a quick swim then take a few photos but once I sat down I realised that a whale that’d been hanging out in the shallows a couple of weeks ago, is still hanging about. He was right in front of me. I was struggling to get my shit together, and when I finally did, I took this. I was GUTTED that it’s unfocused.

I took a hundred photos and I was looking at the monitor thinking ‘WOW, the sky is amazing’. I couldn’t understand why the photos didn’t quite match my view. I finally realised that I must have accidentally turned on some special effect. Oops, had no clue.

So anyway, you poor darlings. You get the dubious honour of joining me for a photo viewing evening.

A man in a kayak  with a whale very close to him

This guy had quite the view. There were a lot of people just as nonchalant about the whale as the whale was us. People continued to swim, fish, kayak, walk, and go about their beachy way.Blase Aussies.

A whale swims in the shallows with people fishing off the rocks in the background.

Here’s where it starts getting weird. The sky started to look phenomenal. More phenomenal than it actually was.

silhouette of a ship. Background is the sky which is bright orange

Then it starts getting very pink.

A ship in the bottom right corner of the photo. The sky is a big pink blur

and pinker. You can see the whale here again in the foreground, if you look closely.

three ships on the horizon. A whale in the foreground. A pink sky all  around and reflecting in the water.

and pinkest.


  Then I saw some lovebirds.


Such a fantastic evening. I’m off to read a manual now, I guess.


What say you?

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