Blog Fodder: Fast Food Workers and the Minimum Wage

I’ve not worked in the fast-food industry but I have done hospitality. Even in Australia, where working conditions and a minimum wage are protected, employers try to rort you. I earned good money (our award was around the $20 mark), but didn’t receive the additional amounts for being a casual worker, nor did we receive additional money for working weekends and public holidays. We also discovered that our employers weren’t making our superannuation contributions. When the café sold, one of the staff requested an audit of the business by the tax office and they had to pay us back all our super (ha. ha).  Anyway, this article on fast food workers fighting for minimum wage in the U.S is great.  .

I ask Patrick whether experience counts in fast food.

“Experience definitely counts,” he says. “Experience counts because they can save money on training you. They don’t have to teach you anything, you already know.”

“But does experience count in terms of pay?”

He is quiet.

“Experience counts in terms of their pay,” he says. “But not for mine.”


What say you?

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