better than nothing

The sun sank at 5.20. I made it to the beach at 5.30. Didn’t wanna waste time squeezing into my steamer, so I did the shorts and cossie thing. Yelped as the first wave washed over me, just as a guy said “Gee, you’re brave”.

A few little waves, the darkening sky, the last pink and orange shimmer on the water, beckoning, “stay, stay”. A guy lying down on his stand-up board, knees up, hands behind his head, looking up, whilst drifting, at the sky.

Running up the beach, breaking with the cold. “It’s nice to get out there” someone says, and we trudge together, to the car park, making small talk. “Yes, for the whole 15 minutes before the light goes’ I moan. “It’s better than nothing” he says.


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