on loving yourself – Kathleen Joy

I’ve always been a little bewildered by the whole ‘loving yourself’ thing – what is it actually? Do you actually feel it? Do you just say it over and over to yourself?

This practical advice makes so much sense. I do a few of these, but don’t relate to others – those acts are going to be different for everyone I guess (Oh, hello, Ocean!). I like the idea of loving yourself as habit and ritual.

On loving yourself 

I think creating a loving relationship with ourselves, one of esteem, kindness and respect, is a lot about habit and ritual. Affirmations in the mirror daily, positive narratives to tell yourself when you get trapped in negative thinking, burning remnants of the past and forgiving yourself and others, beauty routines, buying yourself flowers, walks in nature and the sunshine, eating food that nourishes you, a physical practice that you feel energised and strengthened by, shutting off negative media, surrounding yourself with loving and positive people who affirm you, yoga postures for your heart and throat chakras, therapy with someone you trust, giving yourself permission to make mistakes and trusting yourself, getting enough sleep, reading inspiring or positive literature, celebrating your achievements no matter how small, putting aside hurt but not the lessons from it, dancing and laughing every chance you get. Knowing we are enough, for ourselves and others, and that we have great potential for healing and joy and love within us. This hard but simple work of practicing kindness can happen every day, growing the love you feel for yourself and eventually allowing and trusting others to love you.

I am sure you have more acts and practices of self love of your own, to add to this list.


What say you?

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