Ciao 2014

I rang in the New Year on the phone to my friend in Iraq. I have a house guest staying at the moment and she came into my room to countdown and then fireworks went off at a pub down the road so we went out the front and sat in the gutter to watch them. I find fireworks pretty and hypnotic.

My friend on the phone was asking me about 2014, and although at first I just grunted, when I thought about it, I realised I’ve achieved a lot. I graduated from uni (finished last year but graduation ceremony was this year). I completed the CELTA course which was one of the hardest but most rewarding things I’ve ever done. The two other things I’ve been doing weren’t things I consciously set out to do as things, they just slowly became things I (re)built into my life; yoga and surfing. It was a year ago today that I took my board down to the beach and went for a little wave. I came home shaking and high. I haven’t had too many surfs since then but it’s definitely become a priority, and I’m slowly working towards integrating that into my life.


What say you?

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