GTFO 8: Sew good.

My mum bought this for me a few years ago. When she visits she buys me weird appliances that I wouldn’t buy myself. I used it a few times here and there, it got its best workout from the Frenchies that used to live with me.

Anyway, a taxi driver bought it for his wife who has a clothes shop in Fremantle. He asked me to show him how to set it up so he could show his wife. I showed him and told me he’d never remember. I was a bit perplexed, I barely sew and I still remember how to thread a machine, “If your wife sews, won’t she already know how to thread a machine?” I asked him, “just give me a call if she has problems”. “Come down to the shop on Saturday please, and show her” he replied. People are too weird.

He walked around my house looking at the things I’m getting rid of, “I’ll take the bookshelf, it’s a bargain. You’re not leaving for a while? I’ll come and get it sometime, don’t worry”. The bookshelf will be going to the first person who pays for it and actually removes it from my house.

We stood on the porch. His taxi was parked illegally across the road. “What’s your name?” I asked. “Pat” he replied. We said our goodbyes. As he left he grinned, “do lots of surfing” he said.



What say you?

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