Shout out to Meetup

I’ve been meaning to give a shout out to Meetup which I joined back in November (during my break). Meetup is a social networking site that allows users to find groups of like-minded people in their local area to do stuff with. I’d known about it for years but wasn’t inspired to join anything until I realised I really, really wanted people to go surfing and snorkeling with.

I’ve joined a couple of groups and I find it amazing. YMMV, but all the events I’ve been to have been the perfect level of organisation and social interaction. That is, events I’ve been to have been loosely organised (make your own way there and see you out there) and social interaction evolves through the physical activity and grows organically from there. I’ve been camping, I’ve been snorkeling, I’ve been to picnics and I’ve made a surf-buddy who’ll be joining me for a month on my overseas trip.

Yesterday I went snorkeling at the Omeo shipwreck with a bunch of women. Although I’ve been in the area for 10 years, the wreck is 15 minutes from my house and I never knew it existed. It was really nice to get in the water and mooch around for an hour. Funnily enough, a woman I shared a house with when I first moved to Fremantle was part of the group too, so I got to reconnect with her over coffee after the snorkel.



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