GTFO 12: Festivaling

In the midst of all this festivaling I’m still GTFOing.

I’ve handed in my notice for the house and I’ve gotta be done by the 16th March. Ooooof, it’s excruciating.

Guys, I gave away boxes and boxes and boxes of books and it was heaaaartbreaking. I can barely talk about it, I couldn’t take photos of it, it was all too painful.  I still have one box  that I won’t ditch till the very end,  I don’t know why I’m holding onto it,  it’s just too hard.

I’ve been moving heaps of unwanted gear through the Freecycle network, which is great. I’ve only had one pick-up go awry and I quickly found a new taker. I have a charity pick-up on Monday who’re taking a few more things, and then I’m down to my bare essentials, things I can’t live without until the last week (which is soon!).



What say you?

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