GTFO 13: Room

It’s getting closer. Still can’t believe I’m leaving this house. I don’t know where I’ll be from the time I leave the house till the time I leave the country, but I’m not thinking about that yet, just focusing on getting my stuff out of the house.

I’ve got plumbers and electricians and real estate agents coming out of my ears. Every day seems like there’s  some new inspection to be done. Typical, they’re gonna do all the things that need doing after I’ve left.

Anyway, the bed. I claimed the bed-base, must be 10 years ago now, off a friend of a friend, and she’s been a sturdy companion.She’s out on the front porch now, waiting for Vinnies to come and peruse (along with aaaaalll my CDs), and if it’s suitable, they’ll take it.


I have a small stone of sadness, but mostly I’m just doing now, rather than reflecting. And, If I thought I was a minimalist before, you should see me now!


What say you?

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