Double Bounce

I’ve moved into my new place and I’m, quite literally, bouncing

 I’m loving it. There’s an Olympic size trampoline here. 

 It’s only for a couple of months until I go overseas, but I’m almost wishing I could stay a bit longer. It’s a huuuuuge house with LOTS of people. When I came to check it out before I moved in, I actually asked, “what is this place? Is it a backpackers?” There’s about 7 people officially living here, then there’s partners who visit, and the landlord and his kids who live under the house. The landlord is also a bit hot. It’s a nice mix of young and old, and surprisingly, considering so many people live here, I hardly see anyone.  

I’m sure there’ll be aspects that inevitably piss me off, but it’s only for 3months and it’s $200 a week less than my other place, so… I’ll cope. 



What say you?

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