The Approach

spray-paint along the fence on the approach to the abandoned power station south fremantle

I’m doing a beginner’s photography course at the moment. One of the sessions is a ‘review’ session – which means we have to have twelve photos to show the class. Well, wasn’t I in a panic with nothing to show. I went for a ramble around the old power station and took some photos. I got a couple that I’ll use for the review, and then there’s lots left over, for you. I’ll post them here over the next few days.

The power station is an old abandoned… power station. It was built in the 50s and closed in the 80s. It’s now slowly decomposing down at the beach.It’s heritage listed and illegal to enter, but who can resist an old abandoned building, eh? I’ve been to the outside before, but went inside for the first time today.

I was trying out a new prime 25mm lens I bought this week. As you can imagine, I was very excited by the f1.8 capacity. Anyway, these tags are posted all the way along the fence as you approach the entrance (which is just a huge hole in the razor wire and chainlink)

Stay tuned for the inside. 


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