GTFO: Blast Off

Old Traffic Bridge, Fremantle

Travel Insurance. Storage. Sort through shit and chuck things I don’t need. Notebook + HDD. Fix iPhone. Car – download docs; go to Officeworks and print docs. Google: leaving country. Call banks let them know i’m leaving country. AEC. Look for job. Book flights. Organise visa. Install Olympus viewer on HDD. Cancel data pack. Renew Pay As You Go every 6 months or you’ll lose Aussie number. Research best sim cards.Final inoculation. First Aid. Booties. Rashie. Tax. Take stuff to storage. Pay rest of deposit. International drivers license. Go to Officeworks and print out invoices from Notebook and iPhone; claim duty-free when at airport. Call transport and cancel address. Get license key from old computer. Install antivirus on new computer. Look for places to surf in Indo. Change money. Buy food for household goodbye party. Buy beer for household goodbye party. Have household goodbye party. Haircut. Schedule Get The Fuck Out: Blast Off post for when I’m in the air.


What say you?

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