So I’ve been away for almost 4 months now and haven’t had any kind of food-bugs until yesterday. The day I had a flight. Honestly, it’s my worst nightmare. I sweated and slept and cramped my way to the airport in Praya, through the departure terminal, and into the waiting room, where I lay down and slept in a delirium. My goddamn fucking flight was delayed by about an hour, but I made it all the way back to Bali without vomiting or shitting myself. I haggled for a cab at the airport, and as we were driving to my accommodation I had to open up the door of the van to lean out and spew. 5 times. Felt so much better afterward, and I paid the driver the original price he’d asked for. If my flight hadn’t been delayed, I would have made it back to my accommodation and been able to spew in the privacy of my own toilet. Boo Hoo.


What say you?

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