Back to real life: 23 days

I have to start work in 23 days. OMG, it’s the reverse countdown.  I know it’s not going back to my horrifying office job, and I know I’m incredibly privileged to have had over 6 months off work, and I think I’m going to enjoy this new job, but all I can think is ‘waaaaaaaaaah, why does it have to end?’

I leave beautiful Indonesia on the 2nd Jan, and fly to Thailand. I have a contract teaching ESL in a language school for 4 months, which I assume will be extended if all goes well?

All of that feels like a dream to me now. I can’t believe that this amazing six months I’ve had will too.

I’m devastated that the place I’m going to has no surf. By the time I get back into the waves again, I’ll be all unfit and kooky again.


What say you?

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