things to do

My life is somewhat surreal. It’s weird that it’s completely normal for me to wake up, walk outside to a food-cart on the street, grab dumplings, steamed buns, donuts, and a coffee, and sit in the street eating breakfast. It’s weird that then I walk off to work in a foreign country. It’s weird jumping on a little motor-scooter and riding through an unfamiliar  town, in an unfamiliar country like it’s completely ordinairy. I enjoy it all so much.

So, I have three choices.

When I came to Thailand I thought I’d work for a few months, have a break between contracts for 2 months, and then re-sign my contract for a year. That option is still available to me. I love the hours I’m working here; officially I do 16 teaching hours, but 22 official hours p/w (I work a lot more planning lessons, but as time goes by that will reduce). I like my workplace, co-workers, managers, and I like the job. But there’s no surf. And there’s no option to go for a surf. The only surfing I would do in the next year if I stayed at this job would be in the 2 month break between contracts. I’d probs fly  to Sri Lanka or back to Indonesia and surf my arse off.

My second option (that I’m not taking very seriously), is to go to Sri Lanka and work for pretty much no money with a seriously flaky lady who interviewed me over Skype in her nightie. I’d basically get accommodation and food in return for teaching a few hours a week at her private school. It’s very close to amazing surf-spots.

My third option is to go to Indonesia. The job is a lot of hours, (26 teaching hours but 40 official hours), so I’d be working like crazy. The part of Indonesia I’d be going to wouldn’t be close to surf, but I’d be able to fly to Bali occasionally for a weekend here and there (which is better than here!). I’d probably get a couple of weeks of surf in Bali when this contract ends and the new one starts. The only reason I’m hesitating somewhat about that option is that the job is with a franchise and I haven’t heard many good things about them.

So…. ermmm, the other option is to do none of those things and find something somewhere else instead. All I want is surf, decent hours, and enough money to live on. Suggestions?


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