Vibhavadi Waterfall

I drove out to Vibhavadi waterfall, 40km away from where I live in Surat. It was a pretty nice drive; I didn’t get a sore arse, and I managed to find the waterfall despite not being able to read Thai, and there being no English language signs to it.

Anyway, it started to rain, didn’t it? Yep, I drove out to a waterfall on one of the very few days it’s rained while I’ve been here. Once I found it, it was way more beautiful than I’d expected.

I always feel like a motherfuckin’ champion when I’m driving down the highway on my moto. I’m all, “look at meeeee I’m a rockstar,” and then some Thai grandma fangs past me at a 100km p/h, no helmet, smoking a durry, and chatting away on her mobile phone.


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