I can’t believe the Photo101 assignment for today is Bliss. It’s so perfect.

When I was a kid, I lived in a house with a pool. My bedroom was next to the pool, and my dad and I painted my room blue. In the mornings the reflection of the sun on the water would reflect across my bedroom walls. My dad taught me to surf, and as you know, surfing is my bliss. But I just love the water, and today I spent the entire day flitting around in the Andaman Sea.

My co-worker and I are in Khao Lak for our weekend. We did a day trip to the Similan Islands. It was pretty amazing; I’ve never seen water so blue (I saw turtles too).


2 thoughts on “Bliss

    1. Ha ha, my friend said the same thing when we pulled up on the boat, “I thought it would be bigger. Oh wait, look how tiny the people are”. Thanks for your comment and compliment : )

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