I arrived on Bali last night. The sun was setting as I was driving home from the airport, and I was thinking ‘oh, the light’s so beautiful, if I were at the beach right now, I’d get a lovely ‘light’ shot’. Alas, I didn’t make it back in time for a surf or a photography session. The only thing I managed to do in the last dregs of light was to run down to the beach and check the surf.

Whenever I come back here, there’s dozens of new buildings that have sprouted up in the time I’ve been away. Even if I go for two weeks, there’s 5-6 new shops built by the time I come back. I assume the reason they get built so quickly is that the regulations (environmental, building, health and safety) are quite ‘flexible,’ as they say. Unfortunately. I have a folder on my laptop called ‘men up poles’ which is full of photos of blokes, here and in Thailand, working in these fucking horrifying conditions – which I’ll get around to writing about soon, hopefully.

Next door to the place I stay, a building site has popped up, and these bamboo poles are its frame. When I pulled in, the light was dusty and the bamboo glowed, but the day quickly ended, and turned to night, and I didn’t get the chance to get a shot. Here’s one I took today. It’s fairly heavily edited (which I don’t normally do).


What say you?

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