where i’m at

I’ve been surfing 6 hours a day. I’m too tired to even read the Photo101 emails let alone go out and take photos. I get out in the water at sunrise for 2 hours. This morning, the full-moon was sinking as I paddled out; the sky was dark, but there were little wisps of pink starting to thread out over the sky. A man went by in a little blue boat stacked with wooden lobster pots. I caught waves. I caught waves. I caught waves. I come home, get changed, go for breakfast, come home, and have  a nap. I head back out at 1. I surf for another two hours, come home, get changed and have lunch. I have a quick rest, and then I head back out for a sunset surf. At night I sleep and sleep and sleep.

The photo is completely unrelated to anything.I have a whole heap of photos I like that I’ve been meaning to post. I took this one from my classroom at the school in Suratthani, Thailand. I just always liked the colours of the rooms in the building across the way.


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