Night Swimming

I had another amazing trip to a beautiful little island off Bali, in April. I went with a friend, who’s a mad fisherman, surfer, snorkeler, and spear-fisherman, so it was pretty all-round fucking great.

My friend (An) is a surf-guide and had guests with him so I didn’t really want to bug him to take me surfing. It was a new and unfamiliar break so I was a bit hesitant about going out alone. I ended up hiring some surf-guides myself. We took a boat out to a break called Lacerations. Such a terrifying name for one of the most beautiful spots I’ve ever surfed. There’s nothing I love more than being called onto waves by locals, then watching a reef speed by below as I fly along a crystal clear wave. Unfortunately, waaaaaaay too big for me in the afternoon and I was banished to Playgrounds (which was actually pumping too).


At night, we went spear-fishing. Yep, that’s right, night spear-fishing. And when I say ‘we went spear-fishing’, I mean, I paddled around the surface of the water on a giant mal, while An spear-fished, and his friend (the guesthouse worker, Wayan) rode around in a canoe. It was AMAAAAAZING. There was phosphorous in the water so I also got to play sea-angel.


The place An was staying belongs to his ‘uncle’. An’s guests were staying in a proper room at the guest-house, while An and Wayan were staying in the living area. The living area was just a big open area with a roof and one wall, a couch, a table, and a mattress. It was completely open to everything, and so, so beautiful (photo of the view from the open area below). Indonesia is so warm that you never feel exposed to the elements at night, so it’s always nice to be outdoors.


When we got home, Wayan cooked the fish for us, and we ate it all up.



What say you?

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