I’m feeling way better than I was a few weeks ago. I’m settling into work and starting to adjust to life here. I have a Nasi Goreng guy whose stall I eat dinner at almost every night, we named the cat that visits him Nasi Cakil (Little Rice). I found a pool at the university down the road from me so I have a place to do laps when I’m not too lazy. I’ve found the local supermarket, the coffee shops, and I’m comfortable in the weird Kost I live in.

 It’s Ramadan at the moment. The first couple of days were blissful; there was NO traffic on the road. It was incredible. Normally, I’m straddling the moto and walking it through the traffic. The first 3 days of Ramadan, I rode all the way in to work and all the way home without stopping. It was so incredibly still, which is astonishing to experience in Indonesia. I have a feeling though, that the traffic’s will go back to normal pretty soon, unfortunately.

Anyway, you know how I was freaking out that work told me I would be flying to Singapore soon and I was worried it would be the same time I booked a ticket to Bali? Well, it didn’t happen. I’m flying to Bali for 2 days tomorrow. YAY. I’m going to get some waves…


What say you?

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