The obligatory ‘about me’ page.

I live in a run-down little dump, in a lovely but expensive suburb, where the gentrification process is almost complete. I work in an awful office, at an awful job, with mostly awful people. I study part-time and whinge about it here, a lot. I did the surfing-hippy-lifestyle thing for far too long and watched perplexed, as all my mates grew up, moved-on and settled down. I traveled the country alone for a year and a half in a now defunct station wagon. I worked in a roadhouse in the middle of Australia for six months, landed in Perth and I’ve been here ever since. Now I own things like white-goods and furniture. These are frightening and comforting things.

I kicked in the domesticity. I’m currently traveling, surfing, and/or working somewhere in the world.



About the Blog.

           This is where I practice.I rework and re-post.I sometimes edit after I’ve posted (sometimes substantially, but mostly grammar and punctuation). Just letting you know. I don’t compartmentalise, I don’t have separate blogs for separate spheres. You might come for the poetry and stay for the politics, you might come for the politics and stay for the poetry. You might like to wander through reflections and everyday life.

I’m multifaceted like that.


billiemae (dot) lostcoastlines (at) gmail (dot) com